Yesterday's Kiss


Maggie Ramos is finally free of her emotionally abusive ex-husband. Now she can live her life the way she wants to, and her first stop?  Bisbee and Tombstone, Arizona. The trip starts out great, until she gets to the Copper Queen Mine and a man starts talking to her.  This man seems to know her and claims that he is her husband, but no one else can see him!  No matter how hard she tries to convince herself that Joseph Ransom is a figment of her imagination, it proves to be impossible - especially with the flashbacks to 1900s that follow their life together. Disbelief is the better choice, because if he turns out to be real, he is just a heartbreak waiting to happen.


This story is a mix of concepts:  love beyond death, ghosts, and present and past love. The idea itself is enchanting, and something that most people want to believe in, although the expression "lifetime love" doesn't really have that ring of "true love". Joseph is such a sweet hero, but what stands out the most is the strength of his love. The problem is that due to the shortness of the story Maggie's emotions fail to ring true. With the mix of the past and the present relationship, her feelings are not that easy to distinguish. Nevertheless, "Yesterday's Kiss" is a tasty little novella that will leave a reader a tiny bit more convinced that there is such a thing as a love that transcends time!


Ana Smith