Wystan (The Heckmasters, #1)


Needing an income to support her sister, Rhia Duke takes a schoolteacher position in Nebraska. However, Rhia soon discovers the circumstances are not what they seem. As she plans their escape an ad for a teacher in the New Mexico Territory town of Berner appears to be the lifeline they need - except when they reach the nearly deserted town, she discovers there is no job. With only a few coins to her name she needs to convince surly half-demon Sheriff Wystan Heckmaster to hire her before she and her sister starve, but as one of three brothers guarding the Pit, Wystan can’t waste his energy protecting humans from the bad things that go bump in the night. His brothers and Rhia have other plans and as she settles into her teaching job, Rhia learns her past is about to collide with her present.


Historical meets paranormal in this delightfully unique western romance! The vibrant imagination of Allison Merritt really sets fire to the old West. Skillfully weaving a paranormal element, a dash of romance and a sprinkling of humor into a historical western containing an intriguing world and larger than life characters, the author gleefully straps the reader in from the first chapter and puts pedal to the metal for a pulse-pounding ride through the fantastic! While the characters have their flaws they are strong and one can’t help but cheer for them to prevail over evil. Berner may have won this battle, but the war is far from over. Let me hear your war cry!


Carol Conley