Wyatt: Discovering His Mate


As the last of the dragon shifters, Wyatt has lost hope of ever finding his mate. His focus now is to protect both humans and his fellow shifters from an old enemy faction known as The Resistance. Although he has given up on love, his dragon, Draco insists his mate is near. A seer confirms this. Now is not the best time for Wyatt to find Natalie, who becomes the new target of the enemy. Natalie’s quiet existence as caretaker for her mother has not fulfilled her dreams. Her life gets interesting very fast when she meets the shifter who proclaims to be her mate, but siding with Wyatt means Natalie will have to betray Sandy, her best friend — and the daughter of a prominent warlock on the side of the resistance. 

This imaginative shifter tale features an interestingly diverse cast of paranormal creatures, from dragons to lion-shifters to vampires. This simplistic, fairy tale-like plot, however, is awkwardly told. A prologue serving as pure backstory sets the book off to a slow start, and unfortunately, the pacing does not improve. Meandering dialogue serves no purpose in moving the story forward. The character development and the plot line are both shallow and predictable. Because the story telling is clunky and almost childlike, when the erotic scenes hit they are disturbingly uncoordinated. That being said, the story does deserve kudos for its imaginative cast and will appeal to fans of hot, steamy paranormal romance.

FS Brown