Written in the Stars: Wolffe Peak Book 3


Harley Fulton’s life has never been considered easy seeing as he’s a werewolf, also known as a “shifter” to humans. His existence is a subject of debate among the population, as some are “pro-shifter”, but an influential group known as Humans First openly hates his kind. He is nursing a broken heart, as his human girlfriend and possible mate, Jasmine Pierce, gave into her father’s demands and left him due to his shifting abilities. When Jasmine is kidnapped by Humans First, bitten by a jaguar shifter, and taken as a hostage to southern Mexico, Harley does not hesitate to come to her rescue despite the betrayal he still feels towards her. Both will have to learn how to love, forgive, and survive in the cruel world they find themselves in.

Gwen Knight spins a beautiful tale of lost love and redemption in this action-packed novel. Jasmine is a wonderfully sassy person who would rescue herself if she could, and Harley’s gentle side could melt even the hardest of hearts. The easily loveable and memorable characters are what make this novel shine. There are some plot lines that fall short and are never resolved, but seeing how this is part of a series one would hope that they are resolved in the next book. There are also some awkward lines of unrealistic dialogue given the circumstances of the plot, which briefly takes the reader out of the story. All in all, one will want to go back and read the rest of the series to satisfy the craving for more amazing characters!

Jen Griffin