Wren’s Fantasy

Tracy Hewitt

Wren O’Hara has struggled against the mental illness she shares with her mother, the illness that has made her mother a broken woman. When a gorgeous blond giant saves her from a near-fatal attack, she can’t rationalize why he is suddenly in her life, believing it a sign of her escalating mental deterioration. In reality, Riagan is a Druid warrior banished to Earth in punishment for failure to do his duty and protect the sacred relic of his people, the Murias Cauldron. The only chance he has to return to his world and position is to find a woman to love him, who he loves in return.  He is captivated by the voluptuous young beauty, but he has never learned how to love.  Is Wren the one to teach him the power of love, before an evil force steals the Cauldron and puts all the realms at risk?
Wren’s Fantasy is a sexy paranormal romance with an endearing heroine who has a big, kind, loving heart.  Initially, Riagan comes off as excessively arrogant and too shallow to be sympathetic.  He seems bent on trying to get Wren into bed as if that is the key to her heart. Ultimately, Meyer reveals the caring soul beneath the over-confident warrior’s charm. The paranormal elements are at times confusing and hard to follow, although appealing to a fantasy lover.  Eventually, “Wren’s Fantasy” develops into an entertaining paranormal romance with steamy love scenes.  The shining star of this tale, however, is  Wren, who raises book to a higher level.

Danielle Hill