World Change (Earthbound Series, Book 1)


Clare and her sister Tina take a trip of a lifetime, but Italy offers more than the Tower of Pisa. Death, a portal into another world and a vampire named Trevi who needs to find his own freedom, makes a promise to show Clare the way home. With new-found friends by their side, they journey to find a way back to Clare’s time before a high priestess who wants Trevi as her mate turns Clare into her next ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ victim.

Sentence structure and word choice were very rudimentary in “World Change”. Finding a skilled editor is a must to instill faith in an author’s abilities and keep a reader coming back for more. Dialogue is a powerful tool, but it appeared edgy and unsure in this tale, often leaping in unexpected directions. As a whole, this story read more like an expanded outline. Filling in the gaps and finding trustworthy beta readers to report the temperature of a manuscript can save an author’s hard work.  The plot appeared rushed and too much time was spent revisiting Trevi's feeding habits with numerous repeats of how animal blood did not keep him as strong as human blood. However, Ms. Mundy does delve into the primary characters and the catalysts of the secondary characters, giving readers an opportunity to grasp their plight.  

A shaky start, but there are plenty of possibilities to explore and expand as this appears to be book one in a series. 

Natasza Waters