Wolf's Touch

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Arianna Klein's life has constantly been run by possessive males, and although she has always lived up to her father's expectations, she is now craving independence. The first step to getting her life in order is a difficult decision: she must walk away from her family. Against her father's strict orders, she attends a party at Caedmon Mansion packed with wolves and shifters and she bumps into playboy Jayson Truman. Jayson has always been enchanted by Arianna's beauty, but he and her father do not get along, which leaves her untouchable. Now that Mr. Klein is approaching retirement, he offers Arianna  part ownership of the investment firm where Jayson is a shareholder.  Secrets are uncovered and there are many life-long decisions to be made.

 The third addition to the Caedmon Wolves series has got to be Kirk's best yet. The dialogue is fresh and contemporary and despite the oft-used plot of werewolves and half-breeds, the storyline keeps its originality. Don't forget the uber-graphic sex scenes which will make even the most seasoned erotica fan blush and howling at the moon in no time. Ladies, don't be surprised if you find yourself taking notes in the margin. Another plus is that this installment can easily be read on its own without having read the first two in the collection. A superb story with memorable characters that's thrilling, chilling and soul-fulfilling!

Jaime A. Geraldi