Wolf on Wheels


“Wolf on Wheels” is book one in The Heritage Series. Lara Walker recently graduated from veterinarian school and sets up her practice near the Black Mountain area in Australia. Her family match-makes to get her paired up with an appropriate upper crust mate. Lara isn’t totally against the plan, especially if it results in success. At a dinner party, she finds herself crushing on one of the single men invitees. He finds her irresistible too. On the way home, her car breaks down and a dangerously attractive biker, Caleb, stops to help her.


Caleb Grayson hates humans. Why not? They are always murdering his kind. Those they don’t murder, they conduct hideous experiments on. The last thing he expected was an attraction to a human woman. A certainty that he has found his life mate accompanies the pull. The only problem is how will he convince a woman to become part of his pack?

“Wolf on Wheels” is an erotic romance novella with wolf shifters. The setting and Australian-tinted language add an exotic, even playful flavor. Lara is a likable character while Caleb oozes Alpha male all over the page. While the cover is cute and bit out of the ordinary, the rest of the book is predictable. This isn’t always a bad thing, if you’re a reader looking for a shifter romance where the poor little rich girl falls for the leader of the pack.

There were some issues with credibility and wordiness. Overall, shifter and animal lovers should adore this fast, fun, romantic read.

Morgan Stamm