Wolf Born


"Wolf Born" is a dark, gripping tale that offers a few original spins on the werewolf legend, and introduces the readers to an action-packed story. Carly, the protagonist, lives a mundane, boring life. That is, until her boyfriend goes missing and she starts to suffer from freaky hallucinations. Soon after, Kyle, a werewolf, shows up on her doorstep, and introduces Carly to the world of the supernatural. Carly finds out she’s a werewolf too, and in this world, the only way to survive is to join a pack. 


Kyle takes on the role of training her, and Carly starts falling for the seductive, handsome wolf. But just when Carly thinks things are settling down, hunters attack her pack, in search of the Wolf Born – and the hunters aren’t the only threat to the pack. On top of that, Carly’s visions are back, worse than before, but are they real or imaginary? 


The story has so many twists and surprises; at times it’s almost hard to keep track of them all. The lore is intriguing, and added with the action, makes for a believable supernatural world, with its own history and customs. The characters are engaging but some of the secondary characters were a little stereotypical.  The lore makes the book stand out from other books in the genre, and makes it a unique read. It has a few scary moments too. 


Majanka Verstraete