Wolf’s Cross (Loki’s Wolves #4)


With the massacre of his forces at the hands of the Necromancer, and his six year-old adoptive son in danger, Hunter King Jake Barrett is in desperate need of allies, even ones his other persona has called enemy for centuries. Loki hides among mortals, a shadow of his former power with his true self trapped, but even as his undead army grows, those he wishes to help avoid him. Yet, the Trickster knows another enemy approaches. Valkyrie Victoria Storm is torn between serving Freya and acting to unify the werewolf tribes and ally with the hunters. Furthermore, someone claiming to act for Odin is skinning wolves. Ragnarok approaches, whether the nine worlds will survive could rest on old enemies can become allies.


The fourth book in the “Loki’s Wolves” series, “Wolf’s Cross” is the second act in a three act play. This book is not a standalone novel, and must be read in order. Still, the pace is steady, there is plenty of action, but the conflict never really peaks as there is only a minor subplot to this story and instead the whole book is pushing toward the overarching conflict of the series. There is also some confusion as to who is doing what as the story alternates point of view but is not necessarily chronological. Still, with minor romance, old grudges, revenge, power, and plenty of Norse lore, this is an excellent book that simply must be read in order of the series.


Sarah E. Bradley