A Wizard’s Choice, The Magicals Series #2


Kurtis Warde has a decision to make: become human and lose his magical powers or join The Circle like his father and grandfather did before him. His father decided to leave The Circle and his mother disappeared, leaving Kurtis on the doorstep of his grandfather, Waldor, The Wizard. If the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and leave or follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and stay in The Circle wasn’t agonizing enough, add in vampire temptress, Dee, who shows up at the most unexpected times and lures Kurtis in. Kurtis decides to enlist the help of Life Coach, Alina, and see if she can help him in making his decision.  In a twist of fate, Alina also has some secrets of her own, as a clairvoyant, ESP and aura reader, she can answer some of the questions Kurtis has, but this also creates more questions.  

Readers will be thrilled to escape into the magical world Maya Tyler has created. This is the second book in the series and there could be some confusion as the events quickly unfold, so it would be beneficial to start at the beginning of the series. However, as the plotline thickens, readers will swiftly find themselves engaged with the story and drawn in deeper. With its beautiful cast of characters, ancient folklore, tales of family dysfunction and betrayal, combined with paranormal happenings, this story flows easily and is vividly brought to life. The second installment of The Magicals series is a true delight to get lost in.   

Alison Ellis