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Aaron Hartfield is sent away to Turner Academy when he is a young boy after he was accused of killing his younger brother in a swimming accident. Despite his anger, he grows fond of the academy and developes long, lasting friendships with the other boys. Years later, after being in the war against Napoleon, Aaron is told to return home to claim his title after his older brother dies.

LGBT: Dr. Alexander Coimhead finds himself in Ludwikowice Klodzkie, Poland investigating the areas the Nazis once occupied. One site is called “Hitler’s Stonehenge.” Alex is convinced a link exists connecting these sites to occultism. Alex is working with Jacob Einer who is an agent of the Praesidium. When Alex’s boyfriend, Rafe, shows up unexpectedly, tensions are high.

Captain Christopher Lambrick, once a part of the British Royal Navy, is now in charge of guarding the island of Lundy. Ships often run aground near the island, but he’s unprepared for what arrives on the most recent shipwreck—a beautiful young woman who almost drowned and now is ravaged with fever. He knows he must care for her but also build up his defenses because she could be an enemy.

Sarah Ramsey is very happy with her job as a lady’s companion, and she knows she should be grateful. When she came to London, she found herself in danger that ruined her reputation. Her employer respects her and decides that she should be in charge of planning a charity ball for wounded soldiers. It turns out she will be co-planner with Captain Harry Clarke.

Sam wants to be by her sick mother’s side, but her family has been working on Paradise Atlantis—an advanced AI-run underwater vacation destination—for years, and her mom wants them to experience the exclusive first stay. Sam’s fear of being under the ocean and the distasteful proximity to the room her father and the women he cheated on her mom with promises to make this trip a wet hell.