The Witch on Twisted Oak (Occult Series #2)

Susan C.

MYSTERY:  Detective Ruben Marquez is in the middle of a gruesome murder investigation. Not only was the victim murdered frighteningly close to his mother's house, but it seems that his mother is hiding things from him. Throw in a murmur of occult, the victim's beautiful niece and it is a true mess. 


Tessa Reyna, the said niece, isn't having a good time either. Not only is her aunt dead, but it looks like the murderer is fixated on her now. And then there's the handsome detective and the untimely attraction she feels towards him.  There can't be anything between them, but resistance is futile. But before they can come to terms with their feelings, they have to uncover the villain or their lives are forfeit.


A thrilling story with lots of romance, action and some rather spooky paranormal elements! The suspense part definitely needs more development, and the hints of the killer's identity are too obvious.  Also, Ruben's actions make for a slight glitch -some were not that professional, and even lacked common sense. Yet, there are moments that can make a reader's heart rate accelerate. The strongest assets to the story are the characters and their various relationships - from Ruben and his mother or partner, to Tessa and Ruben.  'The Witch on Twisted Oak' still makes for a most satisfying read - after all is there anything better than seeing a couple in love finding happiness despite the evil threatening to destroy them? 


Ana Smith