Windy City Dragon (The Treasure of Paragon Book 2)


Tobias takes great pride in being a surgeon. He also hides his true dragon self. For centuries he has tried to fit in with the humans as much as possible. Just when Tobias thinks he has nothing to worry about, his dragon brother Gabriel shows up with his witch fiancée, Raven. They come to bring him news about his home, Paragon. He has been distracted by the beautiful Sabrina. Little does Tobias know, Sabrina is a vampire. She is not just any vampire, the heiress to the Chicago coven. Tobias and Sabrina cannot deny their attraction, but both of their species have strict laws about mating with each other. When both of their species turn on them, they discover their greatest strength is fighting together. 

This paranormal romance is positively sinful! It is filled with captivating magic and lore. It is fascinating how this story has its own take on the creatures and myths everyone knows. The laws and rules behind each species community gives unbelievable depth and richness. Not only that but the characters are phenomenal. Tobias and Sabrina are both fierce and exude strength. Tobias must learn to accept himself as a dragon, while Sabrina must cope with becoming a leader. Both of them need to learn to be honest, trust each other, and communicate which even humans can relate to. Added to that, the book gives closure and will leave readers searching for the next book. Readers will be thinking about this book long after they read the final page!

Amanda Hupe