Wicked Intentions


Wicked intentions is a compilation of seven different short stories containing a common thread. Each tale has its own paranormal element, forming the basis for the plot, and each storyline leans to the dark side. Blood Ties tells of a twin with visions that lead to the capture of her sisters murderer. Dark Visions is about a woman who believes her visions will solve the twenty-year disappearance of her father.  “The Apartment, The Legend of Lake Manor, Summer Wind, The Haunting of Bob Marie, and The Truth Behind the Lies - Laying the Norfolk Ghost to Rest are about evil specters and ghosts;  hauntings that affect the lives and the residences of the characters in the stories. 


These contemporary paranormal stories include details of the past lives of the ghosts, setting the plot for better reader understanding. Although this anthology contains tales that are interesting to readers lovers of paranormal fiction, it is stippled with grammar gaffes, issues with editing, shifting POVs, and undeveloped content. The characters are likable but lack depth and do not mature to their full potential, and the plots are rife with details that do not advance the tale.  A couple of the stories are woven with implausible romances, where there is no build up of the relationship and they get to instantaneous love at first sight in a heartbeat.


Each tale in this compilation has its own entertaining plot which lovers of the paranormal will find entertaining and enjoyable. With professional editing and some tweaking, "Wicked Intentions has the potential to be a great read.   


Janna Shay