Wicked Game (Return of the Effra #2)

Lindsey J.

Samantha is in jail, convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, being asked questions she cannot answer.  Sam can travel through a vortex into a magical realm, and she is in love with Damian, a being from that world.  She comes back to Earth one last time and is arrested for the disappearance of two police officers who followed her and Damian through the vortex.  When Sam doesn’t return, Damian and his brother Alex use the vortex to come looking for her.  They spring Sam from prison and meet Charlie, a woman who needs their help as much as they need hers.  They hope to stay at her farm until the next vortex and escape detection, but Charlie is being harassed to drive her out of business, and Damian and Alex are her only protection.  Can they help Charlie before they travel back through the vortex one last time? 


 “Wicked Game” is a spine-tingling tale of Damian fighting his true nature to be with Sam forever.  The storyline will keep readers on the edge of their seats, with amazing characters and a serpentine plot.  “Wicked Game” makes numerous reference to events in Book 1, so it should be read first.  The buildup to the missing police officers in the beginning is also never resolved.  Editing would have eliminated spelling and grammatical errors.  Still, “Wicked Game” is an epic saga, with readers rooting for Sam to reunite with Damian forever as he fights his inner demons to be the man she wants and needs.


Victoria Z. Burg