White Serpent, Black Dragon (Eye of Redemption Book 2)


EPIC FANTASY:  Terra-Dracon Demonhunter for the Order, Karian Vanador is back to face another threat to Cetaria - this time, a serial killer with supernatural abilities who is preying on victims in the territory of the notorious Earl of Southwick, Kaelin Black.  Despite the uneasy peace he has with the Order, Kari knows she needs to find out who is killing innocent victims before it’s too late.  She’s now happily mated with a young son, but the knowledge of her duties to her sworn god and to the people burns in her breast along with her love for her family.  As the murder investigation leads to evidence of a threatened invasion by powerful Demon Lords from the underworld, Kari realizes that she might be about to face the most dangerous foe she’s ever encountered.


“White Serpent, Black Dragon” is a largely successful follow-up to “Salvation’s Dawn”. The intensive world-building that Jackson accomplished in the first book is a good foundation and makes excessive explication unnecessary. The strength of this novel is the enjoyable, diverse and well-developed cast of characters. Kari is a great lead, but she’s in good company. Her interaction with the other characters is very compelling and integral to this novel. The murder mystery with a supernatural twist is thrilling and suspenseful.  One shortcoming is that this book feels overlong with scenes that could have been trimmed without detracting from the story. However, readers who like a weighty fantasy with substance and captivating characters will enjoy “White Serpent, Black Dragon.”  

Danielle Hill