Whispers at Ghost Point

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Dana Kaster is recently divorced, and new to Wilmington, NC.  She is involved with the Historical Society, and has recently become a general contractor.   One of her major goals is to restore the long abandoned local lighthouse at Ghost Point.  She has been attempting to reach the owner of the lighthouse on the phone for some time trying to get permission to go inside the lighthouse.  As her obsession with the lighthouse grows, mysterious and dangerous things start happening around Dana. She finally meets the young and handsome owner of the lighthouse, Mitch; and they investigate the abandoned structure, along with Dana’s psychic friend Sarah.  As they explore and then begin work on the restoration project, the entity in the lighthouse makes his presence and displeasure known, wreaking havoc on the proceedings.  As the restoration moves forward, a relationship develops between Mitch and Dana, and many long held secrets are slowly revealed.This was an interesting story, both as a paranormal story and a love story.  It was at times rather perplexing, however.  The author states in the preface that this is a reincarnation story; but that it is not necessary to read the previous book to follow the events in this one.  Given the many references to occurrences and events from that story, and the general confusion of this story; it really may help to read the earlier novel first, however.  The supernatural element pulled in near the end was also a little strange. The reincarnation trope does come through and save this by rising above rather standard fare.

Faith Turner