The Whisperers of Evernow


EPIC FANTASY:  Jeremiah and his family live in the Valley of the Blessed.  He always thought this name was ironic as they never had enough food to eat and often were hungry.  When King Virtus’ staff set up a test for all of the villagers with a fresh orange to all who participated, it was too tempting for Jeremiah not to try.  After he passes the test, he is whisked away to the castle to join the team known as the Whisperers.  This team of 1000 lives in the castle with minimal food and no amenities and are only allowed to speak when whispering in unison the selfish wishes of the king.  As they all wear the same robes, he is surprised to recognize the movements of a new whisperer, until he realizes it’s his sister Micah.

This story about a Kingdom called Evernow is a great read, in part due to the impressive descriptions by the author!  There is a sharp contrast between the two main scenes:  the barrenness of the Valley of the Blessed and the abundance of the palace in Evernow.  The contrast between those living in the castle and the Valley of the Blessed where Jeremiah and his family lived is very evident in the disparity between the two groups of people.  The Whisperers lived within the palace, but did not enjoy the benefits of the lavishness.  Another great part of this story is that each chapter is told from a different character’s perspective.  This gives the reader a great insight into what’s happening from each person’s point of view!  

Stephanie Shaw