The Whisper of Time


Gwynn Powell has been offered a second chance – a nice farm in small town, a job she could enjoy, and a resolution to her marriage (good or bad, it doesn’t matter, as long as she is sure of herself). But, things are not what they appear – it turns out, she bought only half of the farm, her job turned up to be a prank, and she has a roommate - of sorts, one, Slate Peck.
Slate isn’t thrilled by his new “partner”. The city girl doesn’t know much about farm life, and she sure has some weird notions. The most troubling thing, though, is this feeling that he already knows her, like he loved her once. As the truth starts to unravel, they will have to make some tough choices.  Will they fight for what they understand and are comfortable with or will they fight for love?
Gwynn and Slate make an amazing couple. Their chemistry is evident from the start, but it’s the deeper feelings that will make the reader sigh with pleasure. In some cases, the fast way that the main couple falls in love might be off-putting, but in this story it was believable and simply felt right. There were some details that tended to muddy up the waters, making the story a bit hard to follow. Also, some of the otherworldly elements felt unnecessary for the flow of the story. Nevertheless, it this story makes for a compelling and heartwarming read!

Ana Smith