When the Fur Flies


Alison Carver, Witch extraordinaire, didn’t see this coming. After helping a scared girl run away from her intended husband (an ancient Vampire), the only prediction she could make with certainty – she was going to die, soon. But fate intervened in the form of one Reginald Leclair, Wolf Alpha. Now, the last time she saw him she was a scared young woman with an unfortunate case of acne and let’s just say she didn’t make the best impression. And yet, within minutes of their reunion he mated her! Not the best political decision to make with the Tri-Species (Wolf, Vampire, Witch) Treaty hanging in the balance that’s for sure. But what’s a stubborn Alpha to do when a tempting Witch steps into his life, again?

An enjoyable paranormal romp filled with Wolves, Vampires and Witches! Reginald is the quintessential Alpha – stubborn (it does bear repeating), proud, strong, arrogant and amazing. The way he fixated on Alison was entertaining. Alison is also strong, she would have to be in order to stand up to him, she is also idealistic and loyal. They aren’t perfect – Reginald is  stubborn to the point of hurting Alison, and she is independent to the point of putting herself heedlessly in danger. There are serious parts in the story - politics, prejudice, murderous Vampires. But there is also familial teasing aplenty, romance, action, danger, powerful beings… The only setback is that there is not much to set this book apart from scores of similar books. All in all, it is a more than solid read, however, with a great main cast that will leave the one yearning for the next book in the series!

Ana Smith