Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

HISTORICAL/FANTASY:  In Britain, rival tribal rulers are fighting each other for power while the Romans threaten to invade at any moment. Catrin, daughter of King Amren, must prove her loyalty to her father by forsaking her Roman lover, Marcellous, and defending her kingdom, even if this ultimately leads to her death.

Sol’s family is poor, but that does not excuse them from having to pay to the cruel King Nokkyn. The King agrees to take Sol as his property, forcing her to become part of his harem, in lieu of payment. Then Sol meets a mysterious stranger in the woods who calls himself Fenris, and despite his outrageous claims, she falls for him almost right away.  

Faebourne: A Regency Romance
M Pepper

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  In Regency England, stable and sedate Duncan Oliver is known to be a most unremarkable man in London, certainly no one’s idea of a hero. All of that changes when he is kidnapped by the eccentric Milne brothers and taken to the mysterious and hard to find mansion known as Faebourne.

Trial of a Warrior

FANTASY:  Liam MacGregor, the main character, is a Fenian Warrior now put on trial for breaking supreme Fae law, a trial that could mean his death. Still, he would do it again in a heartbeat, so he’s willing to accept whatever judgement awaits him, that is until someone comes to his rescue.

Autumn Thorne is a witch. She has always known about her powers and that one day she will find her soul mate. The fates aren't kind, however, when Keaton Carlyle, the love of her life, rejects her. Nine years later irony bites hard when Autumn is faced with training Keaton and his young daughter to harness their newly unleashed powers. Keaton realizes that he made a huge mistake years ago.