Werewolves Only: Crescent City Wolf Pack Book One


There’s a serial rapist on the loose, and Detective Macey Carpenter is perplexed. With each occurrence, witnesses describe a different man as the killer, yet the clues are all too similar to ignore. Luke Mason is the Alpha Wolf in the Crescent City Wolf Pack. In order to remain the leader, he must marry within thirty days — or else another from the pack, one who spites Luke at every turn and is also married, will become the next Alpha. The pack members are worried, but Luke just cannot find that special someone to wed—and wolves mate for life. When Detective Macey walks into his life, he knows she is the one for him, but he can’t marry anyone outside the tribe who is not a werewolf. Luke and Macey are on a race against time to find the rapist and to figure out how they can overcome the obstacles to be together. 

Carrie Pulkinen excels in creativity in this suspenseful, romantic shifter story with a fascinating plot and perfectly developed characters! Look no farther for a unique shifter romance—“Werewolves Only” is absolutely thrilling. From page one, the suspense is magnetic and builds up climatically in this happily ever after read. The chemistry between Luke and Macey is explosive, and the angst and hunger for power in the Wolf Pack is written with brilliance. The secondary characters in book one of the “Crescent City Wolf Pack” series appear with individuality and pristine quality, which introduces a burning desire to see what Ms. Pulkinen will do when she publishes book two. The steam is hot, the intrigue is racy, and the romance is a heart warmer!

Tiffany Landers