The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane


FANTASY ADVENTURE:  “The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane” is about Sarah Allister, a woman whose family was cursed by a woman falsely accused of witchcraft and wrongly executed.  The curse chose Sarah as the latest Allister who must remain within three blocks of Blinney Lane, where Agatha Blinney was abused and killed by her neighbors. She runs the family bookstore, protecting special volumes that her ancestor wrote to give the Allisters opportunities to travel without leaving the vicinity of Blinney Lane. Her nephew Ricky is coming to spend the summer, and she vows to keep her nephew safe from the curse. Sarah has no idea how this summer will change everything for her and her family.


“The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane” is a fantasy novel with a nice dose of romance.  Sarah is a likable protagonist, inspiring sympathy and loyalty from readers as she unselfishly shoulders her family burden.  Sarah is practical yet kind, a welcome contrast to her shiftless brother who ran off, leaving Sarah to face the impact of their heritage and a youthful decision that caused incalculable damage.  As travel to the fictional land invented by an ancestor serves as the narrative focus, the actual curse takes a backseat with a lack of resolution that may leave some readers dissatisfied. Readers will enjoy this charming fantasy romance due to its endearing leads, and its timely message about love and how true love always requires sacrifice.

Danielle Hill