Water: The Elementals Book 3


Serin is determined to find some stolen magical artifacts and find the truth behind her mate’s mysterious death. She is a Water Elemental who can kick-ass with the best of them. DEA Agent Daniel Romero is also looking for answers. Like who is this badass woman who is taking down groups of men in alleys, and why is he so strongly drawn to her? 

Magic and fantasy abound in this exciting mystery story! It is the third in The Elementals series, but it can be read as a standalone. The Elementals are four women—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—who balance good and evil in the human world by use of their unique superpowers. Readers will quickly identify with and feel compassion for Serin, Daniel, and Loki. Despite the wealth of action, snappy dialogue, and riveting scenes, the story has several missing words throughout. The ease with which human Daniel accepted Serin’s abnormalities and slid into her world without question seemed a bit too easy. Their ‘happily ever after’ is sort of a “given” without much attraction, or romantic buildup. Their external conflicts are obvious, however, their internal conflicts are hard to find. Loki and his glamour antics provide refreshing comic relief to some tense and dangerous scenes. Readers will certainly cheer for Serin, a badass heroine with a touch of vulnerability, and side with Daniel as he pursues her, despite her attempts to push him away.

Emerson Matthews