The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain

Cheryl B.
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Lindy lives at the base of Slumber Mountain,  owned by the Warwick family. Rumors run amok that the Warwicks are witches.  A clairaudient, Lindy has always heard distress calls in her mind. Rowing home in her canoe one night she hears such a call and discovers Gareth Warwick in the water clinging to a cushion. After getting him to shore and driving him home, his aunt offers her a cup of tea that unbeknownst to Lindy is laced with a drug. Gareth’s aunt then asks to borrow Lindy’s soul. Thinking it is a dream, Lindy strikes a bargain to loan her soul out in return for fame and fortune. Over the next ten years, she gets her wish. Along the way, she meets Cavanagh Warwick. Cavanagh invites her to a family reunion.  Secretly in love with Gareth, Lindy agrees to go in hopes of seeing him again. Once there, she realizes she has been used by Cavanagh and his mother because she has something they want. Is Gareth using her as well, or will he finally admit that he has feelings for her as well?

Ms. Dale has written a tale with a unique plot. The characters are spiritually tied to Slumber Mountain, which is interesting, but the story is confusing. One is led to believe that  the Warwicks are witches but never really discovers what they really are. The climax at the end turns out to be only anti-climatic since there is never any explanation to why the events happen. This story has enormous potential and the writing itself is good. With a little back story on the Warwicks, and more clarification as the plot evolves, this would be a five star read!


Tonya Smalley