The Warrior Woman


Candy Phillips is frantic when her two closest friends disappear without a trace. When one returns, asking Candy to trust her, she follows her through a portal into a parallel universe where people have soul mates and communicate through various telepathic channels. The world is governed by a class of people who use mind control to persuade its citizens to do what the government deems best for them. Not only does Candy find her own soul mate in Tolfer Childers, but she’s drawn into the fold of freedom fighters determined to end all methods of mind control and the government corruption it produces. Secrets, plots, and subplots abound in this fast-paced fantasy thriller.   


The action begins quickly in this story. Without benefit of reading the previous two books in this fabulous series, it’s a little like riding a horse blindly through a forest in the dead of night. It could have used more back story in the beginning, as well as a little more fleshing out of supporting characters. Otherwise, this was a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish! Evelyn Lederman’s titillating foray into a fictional world of telepaths and mind control is original and superbly creative. The lead female character is a woman coming into her status as a warrior, overflowing with beauty, brains, and strength—and wonder of wonders—her soul mate is secure enough in his own abilities not to feel threatened by her strength! Well done, Ms. Lederman!

Lori Leger