The War of Odds


Sixteen-year-old Sara Giddings has lost her mother.  When she moves to a small town in Washington State with her father, he is still grieving his loss deeply. Her calling as a young witch and healer thrusts her and two new loyal friends into an adventure in the land of Fae to free a king from a wicked possession. Protected by a small army of enchanted creatures, Sara must not only learn her craft quickly but save a world invisible to humans and her kind.  

"The War of Odds" is a calorie-wise “Lord of the Rings” with a lot of creativity and love thrown in. From fairies to dragons, Linell’s descriptions of a magical plane and the ability to create conflict are noteworthy. This story is overflowing with creativity, but the structural hindrances are a big distraction. The point of view changes are many, and may confuse the reader. The use of proper tense is often lacking, which makes this story a lump of coal with a huge brilliant diamond buried in its core. Although it shadows “Lord of the Rings” in several scenes, Ms. Jeppsen has added her own twist and fervent imagination. With a rewrite and professional editing*, this novel will be a contender in the YA Fantasy genre. The pant-o-meter has been stored for the appropriate PG rating of this novel. Instead, sweet kisses and promises of youth have been put in its place.


Natasza Waters

* Ms. Jeppson states that this book is with a new publisher and has addressed the editing problems.*