Wandering Spirits, Volume 1

Kim Cox, Elizabeth Delisi, Chris Grover,
Maureen McMahon, Sheryl Hames Torres

“Wandering Spirits, Volume 1” is a story collection about ghostly interactions and preternatural abilities. 

Kim Cox’s opening tale is about Novice PI Lana, who is trying to solve her ghostly aunt and her fiancé’s murder twenty years ago. She meets Anthony, the grandson of Aunt Lucy’s fiancé.  Lana arranges a family conclave to reveal the murderer, leading to intrigue and sparks between Lana and Anthony.  Fans of the “Topper” movies will like the ghostly humor more than a less-impactful mystery angle. Elizabeth Delisi’s story features a woman’s connection with a 19th century man through her deceased son’s Ouija board.  Both have lost loved ones, and their connection allows Laura and Rafe to work through their mutual grief.  This fascinating story echoes the cross-time connection of “Somewhere in Time” and “Frequency”. In Chris Grover’s 1st story, Rianna has a chance meeting with a man and his cat that convinces her to reopen her deceased uncle’s hotel.  This was arguably the best story in this volume with tight plotting that leaves the reader pleasantly surprised at the ending. Maureen McMahon’s story takes place at a remote New Hampshire lake house where Stacey joins a small group for the New Year, including her ex-boyfriend. In the process, she meets a ghost with unfinished business, and catches a would-be murderer.  Good overall, except for the unnecessary, distracting poetry excerpts at the beginning of each chapter. Sheryl Hames Torres’s second-chance lovers’ story has a mystical angle—a grieving woman who connects psychically with her former lover and his deaf child. This was very angsty, although satisfying. The collection concludes with Chris Grover’s second story, a very short and hopeful tale featuring the concept of dream lovers. There’s a nice mix of ghostly and psychic paranormal themes in this collection that paranormal enthusiasts will enjoy.

Danielle Hill