Waking the Dead (A Soul Broker Novel)


Vivian Bedford, the sole caretaker for her handicapped sister, Mae, has a chance encounter with a dying soul - an encounter that will change her fate, her eternity. 

Ezekiel Nathaniel Longhollow meets his maker on a highway and a switcheroo amongst the soul brokers redirects his eternity, leading him to Vivian. 


Ezra and Lazarus Darkmore are the soul brokers. They are meant to follow a design but instead, they often make bargains. Together they try to tempt Vivian to their side of eternity, seeking her abilities, and a treasure she unknowingly guards. Father Lloyd Montgomery deals with many a person in a crisis of faith, but when Vivian appears in his confessional with bizarre questions, he is forced to face a reality that his faith tries to deny exists. 


A unique cast of characters drives this beautifully crafted tale that demands you keep a box of tissue on hand. "Waking the Dead" is a soul-wrenching look into the decisions one must make about life and death, not only for one’s self, but for a loved one. Ms. Sieders knows how to put words on paper that touch the heart, and invigorate the mind. Her story line is inventive and delivered with provocative thought. The characters each stand solidly on their own feet, deftly imagined and brought to life. A few bobbles in the beginning as the finite details were revealed are quickly forgotten as the reader is drawn into the realms of heaven and hell. Waiting for the next book in the Soul Broker series will be difficult for readers. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto