Waking the Dead (The Dead Series Book 2)


There is nothing normal about Hyacinth. After she dies, things become more complicated. She is determined to protect her nephew Geordi, who is part-demon and possesses unbelievably strong powers for a seven-year-old. While trying to protect him and figure out her love life with a ghost named Eric, she also has to deal with the dead. The dead approach her and she must determine if they deserve heaven or hell. However, her boss is the archangel, Michael. He requests that she go find his rock from a collector. This rock is extremely powerful. This should be a simple mission, right? Wrong. Devil-worshippers and demons alike are after the rocks and put Hyacinth and Geordi in danger. Hyacinth must determine who to trust and who is trying to manipulate her. 

Fans of television shows like “Constantine” or “Supernatural” will absolutely love this book. "Waking the Dead", as its title implies, is full of demons, ghosts and the supernatural. Not only that, the novel dives deep into religion, legend, and mythology. Seeing characters like Michael and Charon pop in will make paranormal fans cheer! The main character, Hyacinth, is phenomenal and develops so much in this book. The only issue is that readers may want to read the first book in the series first. This can be read as a standalone, but it is obvious that the book picks up right after the first book, leaving some questions as to what is going on. Also, be prepared to wait for book 3, as this one ends on a slight cliffhanger. If you want a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is it!

Amanda Hupe