The Waiting


Newlywed Cassandra Pagano lies in a state between life and death, her body fed and preserved by the machines at her side. While she struggles, unaware of the world around her, someone waits—a boy. A phantom that appears solid, real, alive. Cassandra’s husband, Brian, sees him in the house, by her bedside, running down darkened hallways. The boy walks without sound, whispers words that can’t be deciphered. Terror and tension are driving Brian to the breaking point. Why is the boy there, and what does he want with Cassandra…and her fading soul?


Reader beware, although this book begins at the protagonists' wedding, this is NOT a romantic book. Nor is it a horror book a la chainsaws, blood and guts, or zombies. This is a horror book in the classical sense, that of setting up a terrifying prospect of possibility of events that might actually occur, the horror genre at its most pure and intense. The disturbing reality of a man-created man, evoked in Frankenstein, returns in “The Waiting”, only with the actions and behaviors of a ghost driving belief to the edge. Though the abrupt ending is written purposefully, many readers will want a full tale, creepy ones included! Even if it’s only a brief glimpse of a future possibility even worse. That fact, combined with the fact that only 88% is the actual book (the rest is a preview,) is all that stops this terrifying tale from being a perfectly executed classical horror. Read this book only if you enjoy biting your nails by a truly disturbing, paranormal event that could happen at any time!


Julie York