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Will Rise From Ashes
Jean M.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  AJ anxiously awaits news of her brother and youngest son’s flight home from Yellowstone, but the information she receives is the last she ever expected to hear. Yellowstone volcano is erupting, wiping complete states off the map in the process, and AJ cannot get in touch with her brother.

A hard lesson Duncan has had to learn in his life is that he has to make his own way without the blessing of a father who refuses to acknowledge him. For Duncan, his own path is one many in polite society frown upon—a devilish men’s club with some truly shocking turns in every corner.

Jay is back in his hometown of Cape Cod after leaving his lawyer position with its fast-paced lifestyle behind. Now, he’s in the middle of creating a restaurant in the old lighthouse with his brother and a dog he rescued. With his purchase of the lighthouse and its properties, he now has the companionship of the lighthouse ghost—Roland—as well as the rumors of treasures.

Final Year

Beth needs to prove her sociology thesis, which requires pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. When Beth meets Jeremy at a restaurant and he ignores her, she places him solidly in the player zone. Yet, when their continued meetings challenge her thesis, Beth wonders if her theory is wrong or if Jeremey is an anomaly she couldn’t predict.

Claudia Davenport wakes up in Gretna Green with a hangover and a very fuzzy memory. When her brother Viscount Ashwood chases her down, the need to preserve her reputation becomes a priority when it becomes clear she is with child. Giving her son up for adoption is the hardest thing she’s ever done, but when he is kidnapped, Claudia decides to find him herself.