SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  She sees dead people. Well, okay, not all dead people, just two. Isabella and Jack. Theyve been her constant companions for a while now, but it isnt till Jack decides to intervenein a big waythat Moiras life takes a violent turn for the worse. Worse? Yeah, like, loony bin worse. 


The fine folks at Baycrest have a motto: Medicate the patient so theyre happy and complacent. Moira doesnt really mind this tackas long as it gets her one step closer to her freedom. Jackher domineering dead personhas a different idea, though. An idea that could keep her in Baycrest indefinitely, if hes not careful.


Argh! More! More, more, more! The premise behind Voicesis fantastically imaginative. Not that its completely new, its just a jaunty twist on the old. And Adam. Oh, Adam. More, more, more! A character so vibrant and snarky that he makes you laugh out loud deserves MUCH more attention. Love him! Richard? Yes, more. Love triangle? More. With all of these elements, Voicesshould have been . . . MORE. The story felt stunted and the relationships unfulfilled. Unnecessary bits needed to take a backseat to a goldmine of elements ripe for a five star. This book began leaps and bounds ahead of the pack, but tripped at the darn finish line. It would be fantastic to see it dust itself off and finish the race with a flourish.   


Sofia St. Angeles