Violet Abyss (Blushing Death #7)

Suzanne M.

Dahlia Sabin has never had the perfect life. She is used to living rough but lately things are looking up. She finally has her soul mates by her side—Alpha Wolf Dean and Vampire Liege Patrick — and she has a whole colony of supernaturals willing to die for what they have built. However, with great power comes great responsibility. When she and her mates are forced to attend a party they know is a trap, one of her colony members is kidnapped. What does she have to do to get him back? Just find an ancient relic that no one has seen in centuries. Just when she thinks things couldn’t get worse, vampires and werewolves start to go missing and all eyes turn to her.

Author Suzanne Sabol has revamped werewolf and vampire lore, placing a modern and feminine twist on the creatures of the night. Dahlia, her main character, is strong, though most of her strength is not physical. What makes Dahlia a formidable foe is her grit, determination, wit, fighting skills, and her sass. Beyond Dahlia, the story features a polygamist relationship, not often seen in literature — but this  is where the story falters. The author has trouble portraying Dahila’s love for each of her partners equally. There are also points in the story where a reader will have trouble following along, and a tiny plot hole throws the story for a minute. Even so, “Violet Abyss” is a treat for anyone who loves the things that go bump in the night.

Jacey Lee