Vigilante of Shadows


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After the loss of his love, shadow demon Aodhan Drummond has made it his personal mission to rid the world of those that would do harm. While he has not punished those who took his love away, he finds satisfaction in helping others. Aodhan is committed to vengeance and he’s had centuries to perfect his skills.


Arianwen Harris is the young detective who lands a murder case involving an ancient axe. The nature of the crime is reminiscent of another case involving hundreds of victims and she knows she must track down a serial killer. When Arianwen runs into Aodhan, her life changes in ways she could never have imagined. 


“Vigilante of Shadows” is a high speed romantic thrill ride that will grab readers from the beginning and have one engaged until the very end! It is set against the lush backdrop of Europe and the author uses this to her advantage by mixing in elements of Celtic lore, an engaging Scottish hero and paranormal aspects. The occasional acts of violence entwined in the story fit the nature of the male lead Stork has created. Aodhan is ruthless and yet this is tempered by his growing feelings for Arianwen.  An 800 year-old demon and a DCI cop tangle together and along the way a powerful love is born!


 Michelle Howard