Vermillion Lies – The Order of the Senary, Book #3

L. D.

Dax, a Brother in The Order of the Senary, is a lethal vampire assassin. Arriving on the coast of Jamestown, RI, he uses chilling hybrid enhanced powers to decimate every vampire on a party yacht filled with the leeches. Every leech except one…Cindel, aka Cindy.  After a raging battle between him and the vampire sire, an exhausted and injured Dax decides against his SOP to take her hostage instead of killing her.  Escaping from her brutal sire, Cindel finds she must endure being enslaved and pimped out once again to survive. Desperately hoping she may now gain the freedom she desires, she surrenders to Dax’s demands when he takes her from the boat to his hideout.  Dax is unwillingly enamored with her and Cindy hungers for him. They both must go against the norm to stay together while they fight their common enemy.

“Vermillion Lies” is a page turning, thrilling stand-alone installment in L. D. Rose’s vampire brotherhood series!  Readers will have no trouble becoming ensnared in the deliciously dark world of evil vampire sires and raunchy courageous hybrid knights. The desperation for freedom will be break hearts. The brutally intense action scenes will produce winces of pain. The fabulously witty and crude banter is laugh-out-loud funny.  The sizzling passionate love scenes may provoke some heart-pounding, thigh-clenching moments. Readers may find they do not want the adventure to end and will definitely consider joining the Order as their fight against the evil in this wonderfully sinister world created by L. D. Rose. 

BTW, if this is one’s first dip into this series, do not deny the pleasure of backtracking for the first and second!!

Tonya Mathenia