Veiled Visions of Love (Secrets of Roseville Book 4)


Beth Golden has lived in the small town of Roseville her entire life, while dreaming of adventure like the heroines in her suspense novels. Receiving glimpses into the futures of those around her has always left her waiting for her own to arrive. When pilot and repo agent Mitch Sawyer arrives in town to repossess an airplane for the bank, she jumps at the chance to assist him and enter into a world of adventure and danger. Having lived all over the world, Mitch is tired of the military life and wants to settle down. Something about Beth intrigues him, but being a repo agent isn’t easy or always safe, and while Beth seems to know something about what’s coming that he does not, keeping her out of trouble might be more than he can handle. As sparks fly between them, Beth and Mitch will have to decide what is most important.

A cute contemporary romance with a few paranormal elements, “Veiled Visions of Love” is he forth book in the Secrets of Roseville series but can be read as a stand-alone tale. Combining two cute characters, smooth pace, and obvious conclusion, this book can be classified as fluffy — meaning the romance is sweet, if odd considering the main characters opposite goals, the conflict obvious, and even unnecessary in places, but still with the adorable moments like Beth’s excitement over the repo work to make it fun to read.  Essentially, this is the kind of book that makes for good light reading, after a long day, and will probably leave the reader with a smile. 

Sarah E Bradley