A Vampire’s Tale


Marisa is in the middle of writing her next paranormal romance novel when suddenly the name Corgan Halton appears on her computer screen. The words are nothing she has typed but when she says the name aloud, he appears. Corgan wants to make sure that vampires are well understood and he’s chosen Marisa to tell his story. He has been a part of Marisa's life since before she ever realized and has saved her more times than she knows.  Telling her his story has placed her in danger in a way Corgan had no way to anticipate.  Can he save her again and change their futures so that they can have a life together?

What a novel approach to a vampire story!  The suspense and mystery of what’s to come is superbly written. The cast of characters is kept within a traceable amount and the added drama when additional characters appear is well defined. Marisa and Corgan's abrupt meeting and the pace of their relationship is indeed fantasy, but what a fantasy it is.  The fight scenes and the history of the characters could be explained in more detail, but all the events come full circle. The added wizards are a bonus and the happily ever after is a tidy ending to a wonderful fantasy adventure. Ms. Tyler implies possible further books in the future.  Readers should be on the lookout for more vampires lurking in this series!

Viola Robins