A Vampire’s Saving Embrace


Abigail Montgomery’s entire life changed the night he walked into the bar where she worked.  Dark, gorgeous and somewhat scary, his presence followed her every move.  Until someone even more sinister attacked her. Then, suddenly, he was there to save her.  

Desmond LaGrange knew there was something different about Abigail the moment he laid eyes on her.  His attraction to her was understandable but his compulsion for her was frustrating.  When her well-ordered world is turned upside down, however, and her true identity is discovered, Desmond knows he will love her forever and fight to the death to protect her.

While this story doesn’t open any new doors in the paranormal world, it is a wonderful start for a talented, upcoming author.  The warmth of the writing is immediately engaging but the novella length frustrates the depth in character development and plot, leaving the reasons behind actions unexplained and an ending that’s tied up a little too quickly. The story does need tightening .  Many unnecessary and repetitive words and expressions could be taken out, (the first third of the book deals with little more than how “hot” the protagonists are for each other.)  Still, the story is engaging, the tension is smoking hot and the ride is enjoyable. 

Ruth Lynn Ritter