Valkyrie’s Vengeance: Book 0: Loki’s Wolves



Victoria Storm is at once a shape shifter, a Valkyrie and a High Priestess to the Goddess Freya.  Her family and pack have been betrayed by their closest allies, the Hunters. Her lover is dead, but instead of being able to mourn, Victoria is on the run with what remains of her family and her pack.  As the only Alpha female, she is tasked with keeping them alive.

The Goddess Freya has other plans for Victoria.  Someone is kidnapping and killing children and Freya puts Victoria on the job.  Now she must work with the man who is responsible for killing her parents in order to find and save the innocents from a fate that may be worse than death.

This book is a great time!  It combines all the best elements of the paranormal with a spine-chilling mystery.  Although short, it is a well-told story full of twists and turns.  The author has a light easy-going touch with a descriptive style that draws the reader into the action.

Although a little light on the shape-shifting aspect of the characters, the story explores other aspects of the supernatural, drawing inspiration from Viking mythology.  This use of mythology in a modern way opens up a plethora of new ideas for the genre.  “Valkyrie’s Vengeance” is a nice easy read, perfect for unwinding after work or on a Sunday afternoon.


Gwenellen Tarbet