Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Ashes of Onyx

It’s been three years since the tragic event that cost Kate Rossdale pretty much everything.

HISTORICAL:  Promised to the Goddess by her parents, fifteen-year-old Rhiannon is sent to Avalon to train as a priestess to the Goddess, whom she will serve for the rest of her life. Rhiannon’s powers are already developed far beyond what they should be, and things get off to a rocky start for her.

E. J.

FANTASY:  Jordan is struggling with his current position of being unable to help his people because he’s been stripped of his title and powers. Yet he still wants to help. He embarks on a journey to the Realm of the Gods to obtain a soul for his friend Adem.

DYSTOPIAN:  Chemist Cali and genetically modified “Icon” Eve are given the chance to compete for the opportunity of a lifetime! Desperate for better lives, they unite to form Team Damned and Beautiful, and if they win, they will experience luxury and love as a much-needed breeder. The task? Turn a waste lagoon into something practical that will benefit society.

Thicker Than Water

LGBTQ/M/M:  Shifters, vampires, and humans live in uneasy proximity in a surreal version of Australia from the most rugged terrain of the Outback to the most sophisticated urban areas. At the Supernatural Investigation & Crime Bureau, rebellious son of a brutal alpha, Agent Callen Blackheath is a rule-breaker and a shifter who always gets results.