Valamine (Lover's Rift Book 1)


HISTORICAL:  Valamine is a shaman witch, being taught in the healing arts at a University for the shaman. Her education is rudely and abruptly halted by the arrival of daemons from the realm of Gehenna. After being saved by a small group of mountain clan warriors led by their enigmatic leader Nyle, Valamine witnesses the death of her beloved mentor and friend. Charged with an important task and bound to Nyle by destiny, the survival of the world and everything she knows and loves hangs in the balance. Will Valamine have the strength to fight for what's hers, including the heart of her beloved clansmen?


“Valamine” begins with extraordinary action that leaps right off of the page! The opening battle sequence is the stuff of nightmares and draws the reader into a frightening world of beasts and blood. Valamine herself may be gentle but she is no pushover. A healer with the heart of a warrior, she is young and untried but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in pure iron will. The reader will feel compelled to root for Valamine as she seeks to carry out her mentor's wishes and make Nyle hers in the process. “Valamine” is an epic adventure, powerful and exciting from start to finish! Ms. Stoker gets off to an excellent start and one can't help but feel breathless with anticipation for the next book in this series.


Chantel Hardge