Untouchable Lover: Warriors of Lemuria


In a battle for water, Earth's most precious resource, King Noeh is searching for his missing healer and gets more than he bargained for. Melissa is found by the King chained up and showing signs that she has been tortured. Desperate to escape a controlling master, she finds it difficult to fight while haunted by the memory of her deceased mate. When she is rescued by the King and feeds from him, she can’t ignore the feelings for him that are beginning to become more intense. King Noeh should only be interested in females of his own kind, but there’s something about this woman that’s driving him to distraction and he doesn’t want it to end. He may have to make the decision between the woman he aches for and his crown.

It is no small feat to find a book that keeps a reader hooked, with description so vivid the reader can close their eyes and actually see the world created, going through the journey with the characters like a personal movie. That’s exactly what Rosalie Redd has done! She has created characters that are so likable and created a world so vivid and real that the book comes to life. Noeh is the ideal Alpha male who is strong but at the same time has a sensitive side that readers will love. Melissa is written in such a way that it’s easy to feel sympathy for her and cheer when she begins to get better and develop feelings for Noeh. Considering how well this book was written, if the rest of the books in the series are as good then this series will be fantastic!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick