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MYSTERY:  Gwen Taylor’s life revolves around the Salem Wildlife Sanctuary she owns and runs. Having recently learned that some of her abilities to help the animals are amplified by her natural magic, yet living in Salem still holds difficulties for those with magical leanings. And magical talent isn’t always enough to save the creatures that cross her path.

Graham Eden is widowed and has hidden himself away from the world in the north of England, mourning the wife and child he lost, preferring physical labor to the wheeling and dealing of his family’s world. Isabella Girard spends her time caring for the chateau and winery in the South of France that belongs to Charlotte Eden (Graham’s sister-in-law).

Andelyn (Andie) Godfrey has always known she would follow in her father’s footsteps. Archeology has been her life for as long as she can remember. She plans to finish school, make her relationship with her father’s assistant, Silas, official, and help solve an ancient Egyptian riddle. Her father and Silas leaving for work wasn’t unusual, but this goodbye felt different.

Death Drop

Crime is afoot at the ski lodges in New Mexico. Theft, murder, conspiracy! Choosing who to trust could mean the difference between life and death, literally. The legends of a gold mine sound too good to be true, and everyone knows that the families have been searching with no luck for years and are quick to dismiss it as local folklore.




HORROR/ANTHOLOGY:  Set in the present day, this horror anthology attempts to take moments in time, snapshots so to speak, that can change the course of a life forever. Each character is explored in their own story, with their choices dictating what the eventual results end up being, sometimes with an edgy horror twist, but an unhappy ending is not guaranteed.