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Delphi Dersingham’s obsession is with history—so much so that she’s tittered away the last several seasons without even attempting to find a husband. The only man who seems to understand her passion toyed with her, then disappeared without a word.

Falling Like Rain
Sarah Creviston

Hannah and Charlie Grayson are siblings who are Civil War re-enactors. Tragedy strikes when they are on their way home from a weekend re-enactment: they are struck by a drunk driver during a rainstorm. Charlie is killed instantly and Hannah is thrown from the truck into a ditch, unable to move until help arrives.

Cassandra is the Vice President of Student Affairs at a college in Nebraska. Coming from Hawaii, Cassandra has experienced a lot of firsts… her first major snowstorm, buying her first house, fostering a dog, and the death of her former boss.

The Witches of Vegas

FANTASY:  From a very young age, Isis could make things happen… bad things. As a result, her foster parents are trying to kill her. Right when she is about to meet her maker, she is rescued by a man with similar powers. He takes her in and makes her a part of his coven, his family, and teaches her to use her powers.

MYSTERY:  Cambria Clyne is a property manager for an apartment complex with an important inspection coming up, and things are going wrong! There is an unexpected fire in the lobby, and an urn filled with ashes from a dead body gets left in the apartment storage closet.