The Unseen (The Unseen Series #1)


Maggie May spends a lot of her time naked! Having discovered that she has a very cool power to be invisible, she's determined to use it to get even with the abusive powers in Hollywood. With O.G., her secret--even to her--all-knowing mentor, she's ready for her latest case. Get close to Hollywood rising mega-star James Roe, so that she can get close to her main target. Unfortunately, there is one problem. Roe can see her! Roe isn't sure what the naked lady wants, but he is not about to turn away. Except being around Maggie draws him deeper into a nasty game of Hollywood power plays. While Maggie and Roe dance around the feelings developing between them, they are going to have to deal with an enemy whose evil machinations might destroy them before they can discover what truly lies between them.

"The Unseen" is a fascinating and quirky paranormal romance that takes on a real world topic and offers an out-of-this-world response! Maggie May is a fighter with a vulnerable side that anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or abuse will identify with. Roe is more than a pretty-boy actor. He is about family, about home, and about Maggie. The story is told in first person POV for each character, which can be confusing to keep track of. The origin of Maggie’s power and the presence of her omnipotent mentor are topics that could have been developed further to hint at future stories. Nonetheless, Piper Sheldon offers a thrilling entry into the paranormal romance genre and it has to be hoped there are more to come!

Tricia Hill