Unfinished Business (Angela Panther #1)

Carolyn Ridder

CHICK-LIT:  After Angela's mother dies she thinks all she will have left are memories -  until she sees an image of her mother floating around her room and talking to her!  When Fran starts talking, Angela can't believe what she's hearing.  She can see dead people?  By the time her mother goes to her own funeral and wake, commenting the whole time, Angela doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  

Her mother keeps coming back - she says she has unfinished business in the world of the living.  Just what Angela needs - a gossipy ghost!  Her mother keeps telling her things about family, friends, who’s going to believe her?  And now Angela is seeing ghosts everywhere, and they won't stop talking.  

“Unfinished Business” is an entertaining story of a woman discovering she has a gift for seeing the dead and talking to them.  The dialog is witty, and Angela’s running commentary with her mother is so realistic, it will remind readers of their own mothers!  The storyline does become somewhat repetitive at times, with repeated encounters with the dead.  Overall, though, a hugely entertaining beginning to a promising new series!

Victoria Z. Burg