Unexpected Eden, Eden #1


FANTASY:  Lexi Merrill is working two jobs and going to school in an effort to get somewhere with her life. One night while bartending a handsome stranger named Eryx Shantos shows a distinct interest in her, but she’s seen his kind before. Or has she? Eryx is not human and though she doesn’t know it yet, neither is she. When Lexi is targeted by Eryx’s enemy Maxis, Eryx takes her from the human world to his home world of Eden and it is there that things start to get very interesting.

Be prepared for a steamy ride into the fantastical world of Eden! The heat generated between Lexi and Eryx is fan-fluttering, wrist-over-forehead swooning and completely off the charts. Eden is an inventive, colorful place full of intriguing characters, but not without its problems. There is dissent among the Myrens and a rebellion that has been brewing for decades. Eryx’s decision to bring Lexi to Eden is the catalyst for Maxis to move forward with his rebellion and take the throne from Eryx and his family. Everything about this world, the human world and the plot of the lost ones are fascinating. Unfortunately, the characters are lacking. Maxis seems a bit too unstable and impulsive to lead a rebellion, so his strategy is weak, Eryx deceives Lexi and constantly breaks his word which does not make him very honorable, and Lexi starts out a strong character then allows her libido to render her spineless. However, secondary characters are delightful. Shining up the main characters would make this Eden apple truly bite-worthy.

Carol Conley