Unearthing the Fae King – Bramble’s Edge Academy, Year One


Ryker, at the beginning of his Fae transitioning period, fails to escape the Collectors when they come to take him to Bramble’s Edge Academy where he is to learn how to control his burgeoning powers. Recuperating from his disastrous escape attempt and now being held at the academy, he finds himself attracted to a mysterious and beautiful new student.  After managing to hide from the Collectors for a year in her family’s apartment, Maurelle is captured and forced to watch as her mother is killed while trying to help her escape.  Ryker and Maurelle come together to explore their attraction for each other as they start out on a treacherous adventure uncovering plots to poison students, enslave their Fae community and destroy the rumored Fae King’s return.

“Unearthing the Fae King” gives a wonderful twist to the anxiety of the first day of school and student rebellion! Readers will want to enroll in Ms. Trim’s amazing tale about self-discovery, treachery, lust, and power! Readers will anticipate the turn of each page as they uncover a diabolical plot of magical betrayal. The main characters are two young adults not willing to sit around and accept the status quo. They develop strong relationships with each other and their fellow classmates as they take dangerous risks to benefit their community. The action scenes are magical and scary, the love scenes magical and steamy, and the villains are magical and evil. The world building is wonderfully vivid and the plot magically compelling. Brenda Trim tells a magical, interesting story about a unique academy filled with creatures of lore and a love story destined to become a romance of legend!  

Tonya Mathenia